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Bully Boy

Fear often makes true personality clear. Certainly this was the case with Deputy (for the moment) PM Zahid when addressing the cheats congress (UMNO annual meeting).

Greed is another motivating factor, especially among thieves, who always want something for nothing. So it is not hard to see what is behind Minister Zahid’s ugly threats about “severe punishment” for anyone daring to question how the Malaysia Agreement is being implemented.

What sort of “severe punishment” does he have in mind? C4.? Cement barrels? It would have to be extra legal, the BN favourite type, Because he is not so ignorant of the law as to think that asking questions is a punishable offence, even in Malaysia, which is now listed as equal for corruption to Zimbabwe.

It is a hallmark of an ignorant thug to utter absurd threats to get what he wants, In this case votes for BN in GE 14 and by issuing them Zahid places himself firmly in that category. Perhaps he realises that when BN loses uttering absurd threats to influence voting would be the most minor item in the charge sheet against him and his mega thief boss (and target) Najib Razak.

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