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Communal Poison


A prominent Malay language daily appears to be trying to raise communal feelings.

Not only is this illegal and fit for prosecution but it also a serious danger to communal harmony as a whole.

The events in Kuala Lumpur In the time of mega crook Najib’s father are still fresh in the memory of Malaysians and this new attempt to stir up feelings of communal distrust, and even hatred is extremely dangerous.

Nothing of this sort has seen major daylight for a long time and it should be rejected immediately. The law exists and should be resorted to in order to nip in the bud any such attempts to destroy communal harmony by inciting racist feelings.

Before Independence the Malay community made its feelings and claims clear and they were respected in the new Constitution. You can have your cake, or eat it. But you cannot do both and all sensible Malays recognise this. So, deal with it now, before the poison has time to spread and, worse, be taken up by extremist elements in Malaysian political life to promote their own twisted agenda.

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