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Communications Minsiter?

Judging by his latest statement this Minster should be re-titled Cover Up Minister. He wittered on about ‘further leakages of official secrets documents””‘putting the country at risk”

He meant putting arch thief Najib at risk and, by extension, himself, since by trying to cover up Najib’s massive thefts of public money he made himself an accessory after the fact and liable to loin Najib in Sg, Buloh. No one has any time for liar Apandi but if Salleh seeks his advice even Apandi will have to confirm the bad news

Salleh was careful not to say anything about the reasons why ths report of the Gvernment’s Auditor was an “official secret”.  He could hardly do so since all the world knows that Najib, having initially claimed that the report would clear up every doubt, on reading the report saw that it would ensure him a long term stay in jail.   Short of burning it and assasinating the author and his staff (and that possibility must have crossed his mind as a solution for which there are many precedents) the only recourse was to pretend that it was an official secret.

What sort of secret? Not that he is a mega crook. All Malaysia  knows that.  No,it was to try to continue to deceive the outside world into thinking he is an honest, pro-Western, statesman,  a golf pal of the mighty and a welcome visitor to London. With the Audit Report out in ublic all that would go.  Never mind that all Malaysians know he is a mega crook They cant say so  without risking the IGP’s known policing methods.

Well Najib, it not a secret, official or otherwise, any longer.  All Malaysia and all the world  now know exactly how you stole billions of your people’s money for your personal use. They will spit on your name, and at you through the bars at Sg. Buloh. Do you think “Minister” Salleh will be there to mop it up?

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