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Cutting the Gordian knot.

To very many ordinary Malaysian citizens the problem with the 1MDB scandal is how to resolve it when the criminal Najib controls the levers f power. The solution is in fact a very simple matter.

Senior officers of the PDRM, who are all sworn to uphold the law without fear or favour must now show in practical terms that they are not in fact what they are perceived as by the public; either venal of frightened.

It is unfortunate that the PDRM is commanded by a grossly over promoted lickspittle who probably could not detect a crime even if committed under his nose. In fact obviously not as he is daily perverting the course of justice by failing to arrest or cause to be arrested the criminal Najib Razak.

There is no doubt that Khalid is fully aware that Najib is a criminal. He was one of a group who investigated Najib’s thefts of public money and agreed that a warrant for Najib’s arrest be applied for. The fact that he then ran privately to a mega criminal, of whose guilt there was no doubt, to warn him of his upcoming arrest PROVES his total unsuitability to be a police officer of any rank: let alone IGP.

His motive in informing the criminal Najib is not really important. Fear, greed, cowardice or other character defects. It’s not important. What is important is that he did it and by doing so not merely trashed his own reputation but that of all police officers under his command. The PDRM, like many other forces, has had its rotten apples in the past and perhaps has not been diligent in seeking them out and getting rid of them to the Courts and the Prisons.

But Khalid! The boss! That is a horse of a different colour. By looking the other way his senior officers have destroyed their own reputations as well as that of the PDRM. Can they really be so stupid or so cowardly that they do not see the need to cut out this comic cancer in their body?

Najib WILL go and not just out of the office he has sullied with criminal behaviour of the worst kind but also to prison, which he so richly deserves. When that happens his immediate senior subordinates should not delude themselves. They will follow him to Sg. Buloh, having been accomplices in his crimes by ignoring their clear duty to act against him.

The only way out of that fate is to act and act now. It does not matter what the puppet Attorney General thinks. Once Najib is in the dock even the most crooked public prosecutor in Malaysian history won’t be able to save him, or anyone who tries to.

Malaysia is entitled to expect from the Police Force it pays for appropriate action against crime and criminals. Even if, if the past, it might have been possible for senior police officers to have thought that a plot was being mounted to “frame” Najib even the most stupid among them must now recognise the evidence from Malaysia’s own Auditor General and the US Department of Justice as well as all the proofs of Najib’s guilt exposed by Sarawak Report.

If all that were lies and inventions why has Najib taken no action? Why has he not sued? Why has he not even issued any serious denials preferring to rely on fairy tales about Saudi billionaires? BECAUSE HE IS GUILTY OF EVERYTHING HE HAS BEEN ACCUSED OF. He knows it. You know it and you senior police officers you know it better than anyone else. So act or queue up for your Sg, Buloh cells.

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