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Delaying Tactics

The attempts to delay the first of many trials of Najib Razak for a whole series of major criminal offences may have inflated lawyers fees but have no other result.

Since it has become apparent in recent weeks and months that Najib is using his freedom on bail terms to engage in political activity to try to shield himself from criminal prosecution the Administration should react appropriately.

If, as it has been made to appear that, he needs more time to prepare for the first of many trials then he should concentrate on that. And what more appropriate a venue than a remand cell? It is not as though he is merely an errant businessman found to be on the wrong side of the criminal law. He has been, for some years, the known architect of malversation of government money.

His own puppet Attorney General offered proof of Najib’s guilt in the SRC cases by holding up that proof for all to see in the course of a press conference he had called to try to clear Najb oI criminal accusations!

Added to that there has been publication both inside Malaysia and in other countries of evidence of Najib’s criminal activities. None of which he has even tried to rebut. While it may be reasonable to ask that he be regarded as innocent until a Court has found otherwise that is far from allowing him to run around in fancy western suits proclaiming himself “bossku”

Until he has been tried on all the charges outstanding against him it would be proper to hold him on remand. His lawyers can have any necessary access to him there. Arrange matters so and the tactics of trying to postpone trials will at once disappear.

This is a man who has no entitlement to anything other than trials for the offences he is known to have committed. Judicial dances can proceed in any way wished but the guilty should be in custody pending trial.

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