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Don't Shame

Shameful UMNO issued a call not “shame” Najib and itself. No need. Both have already done an unbeatable job in shaming themselves.

How can a former Prime Minister, accused in Court of a series of criminal offences condemn “shaming”? His conduct has been so shameful that it is totally unforgivable. If he now claims innocence why did he not sue when his crimes were publicised over the years?

No doubt there will be a lot of noise about “innocent until proved guilty” but all Malaysia knows that Najib is a mega crook who has stolen billions from the people. The Court proceedings are necessary it is true, but there is no need to regard a mega criminal as innocent. He has proved his own guilt so many times.

And why put off the trial to next year? If the Courts are that busy then appoint more judges to clear the backlog. The legal profession has provisions for dealing with such situations as they arise. The public wants to see Najib in court and then in prison and legal pettifogging gets in the way of that process at its own peril

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