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Et tu Brute?

The reported last words of Roman dictator Julius Ceasar. But they have a haunting relevance in today’s Malaysia.

Court proceedings have been started by some UMNO members asking for a declaration that the Registrar of Societies acted illegally in allowing UMNO to defer its party elections until 2019. They are, of course, right and it will be interesting to see if the Court hearing this application will hold to the law, order UMNO to hold elections forthwith and instruct the Registrar to consider whether UMNO is presently legally constituted and so entitled to contest the general election.

That is what should happen. But will it? The Registrar has consistently shown gross partiality to the BN government and will, as a result, be dispensed with, pensionless, after GE14. Should the Court find for the applicants that would oblige UMNO candidates to stand, and fall, as the corrupt individuals they mostly are.  Alas a postponement of the proceedings until after GE14 is the most likely outcome. If that happens it will be another nail in the coffin of that part of the current judicial system that puts political allegiance ahead of probity.

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