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Fearing nobody

Malaysia’s pin brain and loud-mouthed Attorney General has made yet another of the public statements for which he is notorious; whether by statement or at press conferences, like the one at which he exhibited proof that Najib is a mega criminal while denying that the latter had committed any offence.

This time he announced that “he feared no one” and belatedly adding that he feared Allah. He may well have reason for that latter fear when he no longer disfigures this planet but, more immediately he should fear his coming long stay in Malaysia’s far from fragrant jails.

It is common knowledge that London’s Inns of Court look with a tolerant eye on overseas students on the basis that it is better that such should know some law rather than none. That tolerance should not, however, extend to those whom they have called when the latter engage in criminal behavior, particularly when that behavior is linked to the justice system.

The Benchers of the Inner Temple, to which Apandi claims to belong, should waste no more time in striking his name from their rolls of membership before he can further undermine their good name by his illegal conduct.

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