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First Rat Or Just Wayang Kulit?

Some,perhaps many, people in Malaysia will be wondering why Attorney General Apandi had, late this month, ordered the PDRM to make further investigations into the 1MDB swindles. If that were a genuine move, motivated either by repentance or fear, the inevitable result would have been a repeat of the Gani Patail affair. Instant dismissal and perhaps worse, Morais/Altantuya style.

But no. Apandi is still in office unarrested and unremoved. So clearly he was acting under arch thief Najib’s orders. The reason? Is not far to seek. Or rather the reasons. First Najib is waiting to receive Prince Charles as a re election booster and wants to try to make himself look an honest leader bent on dealing with corruption.

Second, with a general election imminent, Najib wants to be able to dismiss the 1MDB mega thefts as something under investigation and in which he is in no way involved. Third, realising that BN support among the Malay community has slipped drastically, he wants to give the impression that he is an honest politician and that the mega thefts are down to other persons.

If all this is taken into account it becomes easy to see why Apandi is still in the AG’s chair and not a cement barrel. Anyone who believes that Najib really intends that the truth about the 1MDB affair should come out in Court needs his or her head examined.

A final thought. The British High Commission in Kl are, presumably, aware of this latest development in the 1MDB affair and the connection to the Royal Visit. Can one hope that their reaction will be to report in full? Or will it be just the blind leading the blind again?.

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