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Fools Rush In

Where angels fear to tread. This western proverb has present application in the matter of the “sex video” affair which is causing such political rumblings at present.

Prominent among the commentators has been the new IGP who, on this occasion, has failed to show the deftness which has marked his earlier interventions in matters of current public interest. Perhaps all concerned, in view of the fact that at least one arrest has been made, though for what is not entirely clear, should now observe a period of silence while the Public Prosecutor decides what, if anything, to do about this matter. That prohibition should apply with maximum force to the PDRM in order to preserve its position of neutrality in affairs that may have a political aspect.

IF anyone, denouncer or participant is to be proceeded against that is a matter for the Public Prosecutor; not for politicians or journalists and all concerned would do well to remind themselves of that.

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