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Fouling The Nest

After the neutering of the Courts by appointing yes men to the top layers and so making it possible for any honest judgment to be overturned. And after, unconstitutionally, removing the Attorney General and replacing him with a blind, corrupt lickspittle, the arch criminal Najib has now turned his attention to the MACC

Up until now he has hesitated to attack it as to do so would lend strength to the belief that he and his associates are all corrupt.  However, now that he has established a corrupt dictatorship in Malaysia and removed all political opposition by a mixture of bribery and intimidation, he seems to feel strong enough to neuter the one body that can investigate and disclose his vast personal corruption and that of his wife and other associate thieves in UMNO.

The MACC, though slow and hesitant to act, has shown that it holds enough evidence to bring him down and no corrupt dictator, from Hitler to Suharto, allows that to happen if it can be stopped.

So a new set of placemen will be dug out of the honey wagon to take these jobs and practice the chorus of the three blind mice. Hear nothing, see nothing, do nothing. And be richly paid for it.

Are there still in Malaysia even a few men willing publicly to refuse such appointments from the mega thief’s hands? We shall see

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