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The term refers to electoral boundary manipulation and the originator of the practice would be lost in admiration at the way in which the criminal Najib regime indulged in it just before the 2018 election; and in Sarawak prior to that.

If, as claimed, these wrongs can be righted by a simple majority vote in the Legislative Assembly then the sooner this is done the better. Should it prove that a two thirds majority is required then it would be a revelatory test of the sincerity of GPS in its support of the PH government.

Whatever proves to be the exact position it is beyond argument that the Najib regime gerrymandered electoral boundaries and that those changes should be reversed. At the same time consideration should be given as to whether any of the changes involved illegal and criminal actions and, if so, the PDRM should be making (and should long ago have begun to make) criminal enquiries in the matter.

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