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Greed. American style

Much has been made by the outgoing democratic administration in Washington of the Trans Pacific Partnership or TPP. In reality, despite the hype, this agreement delivers most if not all Pacific area trade and investment into US control. The charitable might assume that its real purpose is to block Chinese expansionism into this area but the truth is that the real motor behind it is profit. In that respect there is little difference between the positions of either the Democrats or the Republicans.

As the current presidential election campaign clearly shows there are few, if any, positions which either party hesitates to adopt and the subordination of human decency and freedom to corrupt dictatorship is certainly not one of them.

More importantly the truly incredible thing is that a world power with intelligence and political reporting available to it world-wide should get into bed with a corrupt and mega criminal dictator like Malaysia’s Najib Razak purely for financial gain. The Obama administration cannot plead ignorance so must cop to deliberate co-operation with the forces of criminality.

Worse, and Obama cannot but have known it, the same Najib is busy radicalising his majority Muslim population in an attempt to cover his behaviour which violates all the principles of Islam. In doing that he has at least the approval of the fanatic Saudi government and its extremist Islamic notions. In addition he is giving military support to the Saudi campaign in Yemen

On top of everything else Najib, having extracted his price for signing up to the TPP in the shape of official ignorance of his criminal actions, has now got into bed with the Chinese, to whom the nullification of the TPP is a primary political and economic objective! Why? Simply to extract yet more vast sums of money with which he hopes to buy five more years in power and time to bury the evidence and adverse publicity that his mega thefts of public money have engendered.

Naturally, as he will find out, the CPG were not born yesterday and now that he has signed for his money he will have to do whatever Beijing tells him to do; or else! Is he as big a fool as his actions make him out to be or just a cornered rat fighting to survive? It does not matter.

What does matter is the US have created a monster which they cannot control and allowed him to be a Chinese tool when they could as easily have ensured him a cell for life and the renewal of democracy in a once friendly country. Hole in one Mr. Obama.

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