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He Is Alive

Anyone who thought that the failure to do anything about mega criminal Najib Razak and the whole 1MDB affair meant that Attorney General Apandi had dropped dead and not been replaced can be reassured by the new announcement by Apandi himself that he has formed a task force!

Why? Not to investigate 1MDB, as it is his sworn duty to do, but to harass MACC chief Dzulkifli over a ridiculous and outdated section of the Penal Code relating to enticement of married women. In the 21st Century!?  Malaysia’s outdated Penal Code also contains the section against homosexuality used, improperly, to frame Anwar Ibrahim. Malaysia is lucky to have an Appeal Court that can see acquittals as a reason for overturning Court results that displease mega crook Najib.

Of course this resort to the Penal Code is not anything to do with married women, or enticement at all. It is because the MACC under the leadership of Inche Dzulkifli has been too active for criminal Najib’s liking. Coming ever nearer to investigating him for all his 1MDB and other crimes. So the usual Najib tactic is employed yet again. Cook up some absurd charge and rely on bought judges to see Inche Dzulkifli safely in jail. Unless, of course, he comes to heel; which is the purpose of this “task force”

Since it appears that Apandi is able to form task forces why does he not do that in respect of 1MDB and all the other Najib crimes? What are we to make of an Attorney General who so blatantly neglects his official duty and even goes further by stating that Najib is innocent!  All right thinking Malaysians should spit on him.  The Agong, who has the untrammelled power to do so, should immediately remove him from office. Or leave unanswered the question why he has not done so.  Najib has no say in this. It is the unqualified privilege of the Agong to do so under the Constitution. Dont hold your breath.

What has to be done is to eject arch criminal Najib and his fellow criminals from office, form an honest Administration and start the process of criminal proceedings against Najib, Apandi and all the other lapdogs.

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