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IGP Khalid Threatens Najib and Friends,


Speaking to Malaysians in general, and without specifying any exceptions, this comic imitation of a Police Chief warned that “many more may be arrested over foreign funds”

Specifically he mentioned Bersih and Empower as having received funding from the Open Society Foundation which is based in the United States; though he was not able to cite amounts, dates etc. If he has those details did he obtain them clandestinely and by illegal means? Not that he has the intelligence or the skills to do that but his minions may.

In any case now that we know that the PDRM is checking on foreign funds coming to Malaysian groups and persons when can we expect this super copper to notice the alleged gift of a billion dollars to Najib, allegedly from a Saudi Prince. That arrived as foreign funds!

If it is an offence to receive funding from outside the country, (and Khalid failed to quote the relevant law) then Najib should be the first target for prosecution! Or is it only an offence when the money is not going to the shark in chief, his puppet master Najib. Precision please PC Plod.

By now one would have expected Najib’s running dogs to have learned to be careful what they say and where. Najib’s “loyar burok” Apandi gave us an unforgettable demonstration of the need for this when he “cleared” his master at a press conference while holding up photographic evidence of Najib’s guilt!

Of course Najib and Rosmah must surround themselves with idiots. Otherwise the contrast would be too obvious.

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