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Islamic State?

The Constitution, the supreme law of Malaysia, makes it crystal clear that while Islam is the official religion of the State other religions may be practised freely and without hindrance. Nothing less would have been acceptable to the East Malaysia States in 1963 and that remains the case today.

So the, politically inspired, attempt by arch criminal Najib to legislate the inclusion in national law of Islamic law contravenes the Constitution. Unhappily the packing of the Courts with Najib nominees raises the real possibility that the Constitution will be side tracked by a mere domestic law enforcing Shariah law on Malaysian citizens.

Pointless to argue that it will apply only to Malays or that it is not a comprehensive application of Shariah law. A crack in a dam soon becomes a breach and a flood. And all this immoral tinkering with the nation and the law to please one old fanatic; Inche Hadi.

Why? Not because Najib hopes for PAS support to try to get back in power after the coming election. He does not and knows, from PAS public statements, that he will not. But what he DOES hope to get is enough PAS voting disruption in Malay constituencies to give him majorities there over the Opposition. That is, of course, only the front line in his electoral cheating and all the other criminal devices to rig voting and results will also be employed. None the less BN’s position with Malay voters is so precarious that all and any illegal devices will be used by Najib to try to turn the vote his way.

Unsurprisingly no attempt of any kind has been made to ascertain the wishes of the Malay community in the matter. What proportion of Malays wish to live under the lash of theocratic laws framed centuries ago and wholly intolerant of any other faiths or religious beliefs? This should be exploited in detail by the Opposition but in the gangster State of Najib and his stolen billions it is likely to be forced through.

So ALL the MPs from Sarawak and Sabah should join up to vote this pernicious bill down. They can. They are Najib’s “fixed deposit” and as they can keep him in power so they can also frustrate it. Najib has rushed to say that the proposed law will not apply to Malays in East Malaysia! Where is the logic in that? Do the Islamic authorities approve of this segmenting of Muslims by area of residence?

Of course not nor have they been asked to do so. The exception made for E. Malaysia is simply a criminal attempt to buy off opposition to Hadi’s attempt to return Malaysia to the 7th Century. And that in 2017! BN`s E.Malaysia MPs should see the red light. Not today but tomorrow and their freedom to practice other religions will be stamped out by a wave of religious intolerance. Remember you are Dayaks or Kayans or Kelabits or Dusuns or Muruts or any other ethnicity that practices Christianity. Vote Shariah today and live under it in the future.

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