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It Isn't Over Till The Fat Lady Sings

While the title is not original it fits very well with the current Malaysian scene. All Malaysia knows who pulls Najib’s strings and without whom he would probably have remained a small time grafter, taking bribes here, there and anywhere they were on offer.

So it is appropriate to recognise who is the evil genius in this half-baked series of mega crimes. Who, in fact, calls the shots. It isn’t Jibby, who hardly knows his left from his right. Especially right; a concept he seems to have been born without knowledge of.

We have to recognise that the fat lady, the one dripping in diamonds, is the instigator and controller in all this series of mega thefts. That is not to attribute to her an intelligence she does not possess, despite her native cunning. But rather an ability to know a fellow crook when she meets one.

And it was the contact with fat young Jho Low that was the catalyst for this whole series of mega crimes. Neither she nor Jibby had the intelligence or the vision to work out how to steal an entire country blind. But UK educated Jho did. All he lacked was a way in and it was no problem for him to persuade the fat lady to strong arm her foolish and complaisant husband into going along.

It might well be asked how an idiot like Jibby ever ended up in the top chair. The answer is clear. Jibby’s father had been prime minister and so the son has been eased all the way up the UMNO ladder from juvenile crook to top crook. Left to his own devices he would possibly have been content to take what leadership of UMNO offered but, tied to the fat lady, that was no longer enough.

It would be possible to put the whole scam on Jho Low’s account and he certainly had the idea. But that is all. Without Jibby it could never have borne fruit. And without the fat lady Jibby would still be a small time UMNO crook instead of one of the world’s major criminals. So. Congratulations Puan R. You have your place in history. And also in a prison cell.


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