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It’s Not Over Until The Fat Lady Sings; Once Again!

The UN, probably the most bloated and inefficient organisation in the world, contains a “cultural” division which rejoices in the acronym of UNESCO. This body is world famous for inefficiency and ignorance, but its latest boob is to honour Rosmah Mansor, wife and accomplice of mega criminal Najib Razak, Malaysia’s Prime Minister.

A closer look shows that the initiative to do this came from Malaysia’s own Alias Ahmad who, in addition to being the permanent head of the Malaysian Ministry of Education, is also vice President of the Malaysian National Commission for Unesco.

The award is ostensibly linked to Rosmah’s alleged involvement in a programme to develop the potential of Malaysian children. What part she plays in that is obscure. Teaching them the finer points of corruption and other criminal activity perhaps!

The UNESCO press release also mentions what it describes as “Six outstanding women in the world” One has to wonder how much, if anything, these ladies knew about the criminal Rosmah and her mega thief husband. Very little one supposes, Now they do!

This award to Rosmah is titled “Lead by example” Does UNESCO really want Rosmah’s blatant criminal activity, her personal gross overweightedness and her links to the biggest fraudster yet discovered in the world to be held out as example to impressionable children? Not only in Malaysia but worldwide? If not it is time to say so. Continued silence would merely make UNESCO an accomplice in mega crime; something it would surely wish to avoid?

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