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Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied

The scandalous backstairs manoeuvring over the trial of Najib for the SRC crimes cannot be allowed to pass unsanctioned. There should be a full enquiry into the whole matter and if there has been any criminal activity those responsible must face justice.

Meanwhile the trial of Najib for these offences must be brought forward and any delay allowed not to exceed what is reasonable. After all the offences were committed some years ago. The Investigation Paper is complete and ready and the evidence is there. So no reason for undue delay.

Should Najib plead that he is not ready he should be remanded in custody and allowed reasonable time to prepare. It would be found that not much time was needed after all!

In the interval before the reset date for trial much can happen. For one thing a free Najib could flee the jurisdiction. After all he best of all knows the case against him and the inevitable result upon conviction. So long as he is free to move around and has access, which he has, to vast sums of money the escape possibility remains.

Granted that he is an egotistical idiot it is, just, possible that he thinks he can beat this rap. After all if money can postpone things maybe it can do more. Even an idiot, however, could hardly think that he can escape criminal responsibility for everything he did while in office so maybe flight is better than fight?

It is clear, therefore, that if he has not run for it that is because he thinks that he can overthrow the PH government by playing the disunity card. Like father, like son. It ought to be clear to him that a large section of his own community voted him out of office and that the popular verdict could not be challenged by resort to force and dictatorship

He says, now, that he wanted to avoid bloodshed but the truth of the matter is that those with the force to keep him in office preferred to accept the popular verdict. That is to their credit but it would be unwise to assume that this attitude is universal. Too many in high places have a lot to lose as the whole BN litany of crime reaches the Courts and removes their personal liberty. As a famous politician once observed. “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.”

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