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Lies, Bigger Lies and Parliamentary Statements

As all Malaysians know their government is incapable of giving honest answers when, occasionally, Parliament is in session and Ministers are theoretically open to question.

A perfect example of this is the way in which a question to the Defence Ministry about Malaysian armed forces in Yemen was “unanswered”, Asked about the presence of Malaysian armed forces in Yemen the Defence Ministry claimed that these Malaysian military were in Yemen simply “to aid in the evacuation of remaining Malaysian citizens”

Since members of Parliament are not entitled to straight and complete answers to their questions let us help them out. First. How many Malaysians were in Yemen, what were they doing there, how many have already been “evacuated” and how many Malaysian armed forces personnel are and have been present in Yemen.

Second. Is the Malaysian government unaware that Yemen is a sovereign State and that one State does not station armed forces in the territory of another without permission. So why are Malaysian military in Yemen at all? Did Yemen agree, why and when?

Third is the Malaysian government unaware that the Saudi government is waging a war in Yemen based on differences between Islamic sects, Saudi being Sunni and Yemen Shia? Since Malaysia is, still, a multi religious Sate with no official appurtenance to any Islamic religious sect why are Malaysian forces being used in a religious war?

Fourth, the deployment of armed forces overseas is always a costly business. Since there is no existing provision for this how are the expenses involved being met and with what authority? What is the total so expended so far and how much more is estimated to be necessary. Everyone knows that when the Prime Minister needs money he simply steals it. Will these Yemen expenses be met in the same manner?

There are many other questions outstanding that need answers about this neo-colonialist adventure and they will be posed when and if satisfactory answers are given to the queries raised above.

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