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Liquidate UMNO And Release Billions Of Assets To Return To Pay The Debts They Created!

Ku Li credits Dr M for his comeback in Umno president’s race, according to Malaysiakini.

“The Gua Musang MP, who added that Umno has also retained its physical assets that could be worth hundreds of millions of ringgit.”

“The assets included the Putra World Trade Centre and the Umno building in the heart of Kuala Lumpur – held in trust by the party president and secretary general, among other office bearers.”

Since UMNO and BN component party including Ex BN Party are so rich, I think it is unfair for us as an ordinary Malaysian and the new Federal Government to pay for the debts created by them.

They are the one who are mismanaged the country financial system that entrusted by us, the ordinary Malaysian.

They can’t just wash hands, walk free with millions of Ringgit like nothing happened. It is really unfair for us, the ordinary Malaysian!

I would like to suggest Malaysia new Federal Government to look into this and make the BN component party, especially UMNO to paid for our country debts.

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