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Mad Rather Than Bad

Najib’s latest effort to stay out of prison centres round attempts to prove that he is, and presumably was when thieving from the public, clinically mad!

Someone, maybe his lawyer Shafee, seems to have thought that this latest plea will be enough to prevent prosecution. It wont!

When, one is forced to wonder, did this mental derangement first manifest itself? With the SRC thefts? With the 1MDB thefts? Or later with the delusions abut Saudi benefactors or the cynical attempts to get into bed with Beijing?

Well we have news for this comic pair. This mad plea ia a non-runner. Its real purpose may be to serve as an excuse if and when he tries the coup that he is planning while free to move around and deploy stolen public money.

If taken as anything other than a sick joke it should serve as a warning to the government that a man with Najib’s record is capable of anything. AND he still has vast sums of publlc money at his disposal. UMNO are not just facing political extinction. Many of its leaders are in the queue for prosecution and long jail terms. They know it and their only hope of avoiding that fate is to reverse, by force and corruption, the verdict of GE14.

They may be thought mad but that will not stop them trying and the PH government should be on its guard. The real remedy is to stop playing at even handed guardians of the law and get Najib into Court and into Sg, Buloh where he belongs. NOW, not next year. You do not kill a poisonous snake by feeding it or patting it on the head. Try that and it kills you!

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