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Much More To Do


The US Department of Justice are to be congratulated for their work, and that of the FBI, in tracking down the swindlers Jho Low and Roger NG. Also for throwing light on the dirty money trail involving international bankers. Very commendable work which is still in progress and will, one hopes, bring more light on the scandals and more guilty parties to justice.

But things do not stop there. Malaysians involved in the 1MDB thefts await trial as do Swiss nationals in their own country. So, a picture of international justice and crime detection at work?

There appears to be one prominent exception to all this and that is the United Kingdom which, as a leading financial player ought to be in the forefront of these investigations. But it seems not to be. As has been public knowledge for a long time the company PetroSaudi, which is or was based in London was a party to the 1MDB scam and profited greatly from it.

In fact from being a dormant and penniless entity it gained hundreds of millions and began a similar scam in Venezuela, by whose government it is now being pursued over a drilling fraud. This cannot be unknown to the UK investigative authorities especially as one of its victims, Swiss national Xavier Justo, has lodged police reports in London against agents of some former PetroSaudi directors for arranging for his detention in a Thai prison for over a year on false charges.

Nothing seems to have happened despite the accused party being a former London police officer and so, presumably, easily traceable. Do the UK authorities have any comment on all this apparent inactivity around an UK registered company and its employees? If so speak up! Or be suspected either of incompetence or complicity?

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