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Muzzling the Press.

This is, and always has been, the hallmark of corrupt dictatorships. Nothing damages images so badly as public disclosure of criminal activity. So all dictatorships treat Press control as a priority.

Malaysia is no different. Recently Deputy Minister (curious job title) Jailani accused a news portal of “insulting” the Prime Minister. Instead of commending it for achieving the seemingly impossible he threatened it with reprisals in the shape of laws to allow any critical Press to be shut down.

Adding to the cry for more Nazi like measures UMNO Youth personality Nasheel recently threatened that all news portals would have to be registered. That would allow any critical portal to be shut down permanently. How happy arch thief Najib and his accomplices would be if their crimes could be permanently hidden from public knowledge by fascist censorship.

And that is what would happen if Malaysia’s voters send BN back to office. Happily that will not be the case. GE 14 will see BN out and its leaders where they belong. In jail. The Jailanis and Nasheels of Malaysia should bear that in mind. There will be plenty of room in Sg. Buloh.

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