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Negative Perception?

IGP Fuzi, stepping outside the role of a police officer, has warned all Malaysians against posting what he called negative perceptions online about the recent abdication, saying that this could lead to questioning the role of monarchy in Malaysia.

He should bear in mind that in plenty of other that have a monarchy, nominal or otherwise, the royals are constantly bombarded by criticism of monarchy and calls for its abolition

Whether that has any effect depends on public opinion in the countries concerned but what NEVER happens is any attempt to criminalise such calls. In case he is in any doubt it is called democracy, something with which the PDRM, and other institutions, had nothing to do prior to May 2018.

The IGP would do well to remember that Malaysia is a democracy and that the role of the PDRM does NOT extend to lectures on public thinking and threats to attack its manifestations.

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