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No Further Investigation!


If anyone in Malaysia, and they cannot have been numerous; wondered if the new IGP would clean up the PDRM and the mass of undealt with crime they now have their answer.
The new IGP Inche Fuzi (forgive the omission of honorifics which are normally reserved for those really deserving) announced that investigations into 1MDB had been “completed” and that no further police enquiry would be made unless he was directed do so. That will happen after the new government is in office,though it may be doubted if Fuzi will still be at that point.
Perhaps Inche Fuzi is still affected by the secrecy syndrome attaching to his last post. If so he should stop saying “HUSH” and start saying do what you are paid to do. Investigate!
It would have been too much to hope that arch criminal Najib would have ordered the appointment to the job of IGP anyone who would want do a proper job. That, after all, would have involved his own arrest and that of many of his ministers and UMNO colleagues. Those arrests, too, will have to await the new government and a clean up of the Bench to ensure that justice is not once more denied to the people of Malaysia.

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