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No Kid Gloves

And no sweeping under the carpet either. The PDRM, reverting for a moment to Najb days, are reported to be trying to use BN repressive laws to silence Press reports mentioning a possible clean out at the top of the Force.

No one who saw Khalid Abu Bakar in action protecting mega crook Najib can be in any doubt that the PDRM needs a clean out. In fact probably any officer over the rank of Superintendent, and some below it, has skeletons in his/her cupboard from the Najib gangster era. The PDRM was a prime force in keeping that criminal and his cronies in power and out of prison.

All, repeat all, of that police misdoing and criminal activity must be fully investigated and all wrongdoers punished, whether by the Courts or the Commission. The Force MUST be clean and seen by the public to be so. Nothing less is acceptable and any election night conversions must be seen as such. Early rats overboard.

It is scarcely credible tat the Police are now trying to use Najib’s dictatorial legislatin to cover up their crimes. Tis re-inforces the need to ge the clean up underway and the Force under the control of an honest fficer. Hwever dificukt he may be to find.

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