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Noh receipt

This overweight BN politician was photographed handing out large denomination bank notes to persons attending a public meeting he had arranged.

When queried about this and accused of attempting to bribe voters he stupidly replied that it was Government money he was handing out.

Is he too ignorant, or too corrupt not to know that when public money is distributed it is to approved recipients, not persons in a crowd.

It also has to be properly accounted for and receipts obtained and submitted to the accounting officer responsible for the government money concerned.

Did he do any that? Of course not. He was simply handing out money to anyone near him as an inducement to think him a kind, honest and generous man who ought to receive the vote of the recipient. In fact he ought to receive a prison sentence for electoral bribery.

Much more of this blatant pubic bribery by BN Ministers and others can be expected to occur between now and GE14. Super sleuth and new IGP Fuzi should take note of this publicly committed offence and act. He should also warn all PDRM members that this kind of offence is to be expected from now on and instruct them in necessary action. The latter should include arrest on the spot and NOT the traditional “look the other way”

The public awaiting the issue of such orders should not hold their breath or risk asph

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