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Not For Public Consumption

Azalina, Najib’s lie person. in her silliest public statement since becoming a “Minister” in Najib’s dictatorship, excused, and thereby admitted, that part of the PAC’s report had been “expunged” because it was not a matter of public record.

Understandable in an infantile sort of way since the blanked out portion proved that Najib is a megathief. And he pays for Azalina’s servility. With taxpayers money!  But neither of them should delude themselves that anyone believes a word that either of them utters. Najib because he is a proven master thief and Azalina because she is too stupid and too dishonest to admit to her paymaster’s crimes.

There is of course provision within the Malaysian prison system for female convicts. Maybe she should investigate that more deeply since it will affect her personally in the near future.

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