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Not On The Verge Of Bankruptcy


This claim about Malaysia was made by arch thief Najib Razak while speaking about the national economy. Who said it was? It is on the verge of national disintegration because of the massive breaches of the law committed by Najib and his supporters (bought and paid for with taxpayers money)

That is the real problem facing Malaysia. The motives of Aramco in investing in new oil ventures are economic. Saudi Arabia has real economic problems. Its high life free everything period has come to an end and it must look everywhere for possible profitable opportunities. Since all it has is oil that is where it must look. That is why it intends to invest in Malaysia’s oil industry and it is further encouraged to do so by the fact that Malaysia is a Sunni Muslim majority country. Not too many of those around where investment opportunities also offer.

What is more the Saudis are not ignorant people. They know the score if only because of their close links to the USA. They know that Najib is a dead duck just waiting for the axe to fall and that a new Malaysian government will be happy to do profitable business. It will have to in order to repair the damage done to the Malaysian economy by arch thief Najib and his cronies.

So don’t waste your time, and ours, Najib by lying about the future, It does not include you, unless you see work done in prison as contributing to the national progress!

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