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Odder And Odder

As the trial of those accused of murdering the North Korean dictator’s step brother continues the facts coming out seem odder and odder.

First of all how did the accused know that the deceased wold be passing through the KL airport on the day he was murdered? And how did they come to have deadly poison in their possession and instructions on how to use it? Obviously some one in Pyonggan was involved as a principal in this murder. Have the PDRM not been able to pursue this important aspect of the case and why not?

Then there is the money belonging to the deceased. In June it was said total USD 120,000. Now it seems to have shrunk to 100,000. Quite a feat in a  police station safe. Can the new IGP throw any light on that?

Now it seems that the statement of the medical witness that he returned the deceased’s clothes to N.Korea was inexact. In fact they seem to have been returned to the N. Korean embassy in KL. Why? the deceased, though N Korean, did not live there. If he had it would not have been necessary to murder him in KL. He could have been murdered at home like thousands of his fellow countrymen. Was no attempt made to discover if he had family or relatives to whom the clothes should have  been returned? Not by the Selangor Police. Too busy with other criminals? So busy that there is no time to follow up arch fraudster Najib’s multiple crimes?

The PDRM have sunk so low in public estimation that few will believe that all these mis-steps were accidental- Can the new IGP tell the public the full story?

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