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Onslaught On Democracy!

Arch thief Najb’s own words to describe freezing of bank accounts as part of criminal investigations.

Well he should certainly know all about onslaughts on democracy as he has been making them since first achieving ministerial office.

Would he agree that political bribery is an “onslaught on democracy”? Would he agree that laws allowing detention without trial, forced through the Assembly by his corrupt party, are a onslaught on democracy?

Would he agree that bribery of electors and electoral officials is an onslaught on democracy?

It seems that his expensive education at a minor British public school has left him deficient in a proper understanding of many words in the English language. “Onslaught on democracy” for example.

British people following the BN bribery saga will wonder, among other things, if the UK public school which received so much Malaysian taxpayers money without bothering to enquire into its provenance, will now make financial restitution. Or will it prefer to be known as an academy for crooks?

Najib will come to understand the full meaning of the word “onslaught” when brought to trial for his multifarious attacks on Malaysian democracy and the Malaysian public purse.

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