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Out But Not Down>

The result of GE14 should have signalled the end for UMNO and its unacknowledged partners in politics. But has it?

The notorious Najb Razak is a free man, at least until his much delayed trial (of which more below). There are attempts to rally support for UMNO among extremist Malay circles; warning that ketuanan is in danger and that other communities may take the country over.

All poisonous nonsense deliberately circulated in the hope of causing unrest and civil disturbances. It is all very well to point to the extent of UMNO and Najib’s defeat but they still have most of the stolen money with which to promote troubles.

None of this would be likely if the head of the snake were to be where it is destined to spend its remaining days, in Sg. Buloh; or at least on remand in custody pending trial.

Why is that not so? Why cannot he be tried on the outstanding charges relating to SRC. That investigation was complete. The then AG had ordered the drafting of an application for an arrest warrant. That can only mean, especially where the accused was the sitting Prime Minister, that a cast iron case existed.

Even though that was frustrated by a criminal and traitorous IGP the evidence is there. The trial could be held without delay and the investigation into all Najib’s other crimes could proceed while he served his first sentence. So why not?

Why also is the illegally appointed Chief Judge Raus still able to interfere, and is actively interfering, in the criminal process against Najib. No judge can be found to take the case until next May? What utter nonsense!

Even if it were true that no judge is available any number of Judicial Commissioners can be appointed to ease the strain and to ensure criminal cases are heard promptly. Why not ? Has illegal judge Raus any say in that? Can he still manipulate the rosters to get cases delayed for months? And why? In a few days he will be history, shameful but nonetheless history. So why is he allowed to set the scene in the matter of trying Najib? To delay the inevitable? Hardly. To assist in preparing the way for a Najib coup? Does reluctance to leave the job extend that far?

Doubters should ask themselves why Raus was prepared to break the law to stay in office. A man who would do that must be seen as a man who would contemplate anything if it fitted his own interests. And put beyond reach enquiries that could possibly see him on the other side of the justice system.

You need to wake up. Just because you are law abiding democrats, legally in power by the popular will ,does not mean that criminal elements will respect the popular verdict if they have any means to overthrow it. Reflect!

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