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PDRM - Wholesale Corruption

The shocking case reported today in Sarawak Report brings into public highlight the fact that the PDRM has been seriously corrupted. Probably not just by Najib and his gestapo, bus conductor, underlings but also by previous bosses.

In colonial times those responsible for the Police knew the damage that is done to a Force if corruption is allowed to insert itself into the daily work life and so dealt ruthlessly with such offenders And, of course, this disease did not affect the upper ranks, so limiting the damage done.

Now it is clear that the highest ranks in the PDRM have not only turned a blind eye to corrupt and criminal behaviour by members of the Force but have been active participants themselves in corrupt activities.

Such a situation calls for a total cleansing of the Force and no individual, however high ranking, should be exempt from enquiry and, where appropriate, sanction. The public expects nothing less and the Prime Minister and Cabinet would be wise to take note;and action.

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