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Pipe Dreams

PKR Sarawak bottles it; again. This time they announce that they will not contest the Tg. Datu bye election, caused by the death of the former Chief Minister. The reason? “We are concentrating on the general election”. Not only has no date for that been announced but it could be deferred to 2018.

The PKR statement also referred to a “hope” that new CM Johari will pursue Adenan’s agenda. The maxim “de mortuis nil nisi bonum” constrains criticism but one is entitled to ask if that agenda really amounted to anything but political waffle, designed to minimise political opposition.

No demands on KL to respect the Malaysia agreement have been uttered publicly which would surely be the way to start a discussion since that would allow public support in Sarawak to be accurately measured. Have any demands at all been made and, if so, what makes those demanding think that Najib will give an inch. He does not give inches. He gives bribes.

As has been pointed out Najib is on the ropes, barely dodging life imprisonment for grand theft, and investigation for worse. That puts him in the weakest possible negotiating position and greatly strengthens that of the Borneo States. He is losing Sabah, has already effectively lost it, and so Sarawak support in the Parliament becomes even more vital to him, and ups the price he will have to pay for it

So why, in the face of these facts, are PKR Sarawak sitting on their hands and talking about a general election that may be fifteen months away. The new CM is a Malay and will not cross, let alone pressure, Najib and KL. Like everything else in life. If you want it done, do it yourself.

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