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Police Puppet

New IGP Fuzi is turning out to be every bit as UMNO complaisant as his predecessor Khalid. No surprise there. He would not have got the job unless arch criminal Najib gave the green light.But still he is a police officer sworn to uphold the law and protect the people.

His excuse for refusing a permit for an opposition party PH rally is transparently silly. If his Force can’t control some traffic disruption why does it have a traffic branch at all, let alone the huge numbers of police for whom the taxpayer has to stump up.

Let him answer publicly one question. If the application for the permit had been for an UMNO meeting would he still have rejected it? His semi-hysterical claims about traffic disruption will convince no one. Arch criminal Najib does not want any public demonstrations of the drastic fall off in UMNO support so puppet Fuzi will co-ooerate by banning opposition demonstrations.

Given the performance of the PDRM in recent years it may be difficult for PH to identify a real policeman to replace Fuzi.  No such problem with a new AG or Chief Judge or Appeal Court President!

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