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Politically Stable And Financially Well Managed

The words used bySarawak State Minster Awang Tengah to describe his home State!

He could, with more truth, have described it as a kleptocracy where a handful of minority community politicians have used illegal means to strip the State of nearly all its natural assets for the benefit of mega crook Taib Mahmud and his cronies.

As to “financially well managed” will this Minister publish details of the extent of the private wealth of Governor Taib (in the interests of proving the financial well management the State) And his own wealth for that matter. If he is such a good manager as he claims it would be in his own interest to publish his personal tax returns to prove the extent of his honesty and worthiness for public support.

It is time, and past time, for the MACC to begin a full investigation into the corruption that has disfigured the State for decades and resulted in most of its natural wealth disappearing into Californian real estate and other hidden havens. Why do they not do so? Orders from the top?

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