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Principles and Politics

In his latest public demonstration of stupidity arch thief Prime Minister Najib called on former PM Dr. Mahathir to recant a statement which the latter is alleged to have made some 20 years ago.

Whether the Doctor did or did not say what Najib alleges he said where is the politician in any country in the world that can be and is held to statements made decades before? What happened then happened then and what is happening now is happening now.

And that is that Dr,Mahathir, sickened by the appalling criminality engaged in by Najib and seeing the reputation of Malaysia trashed in the outside world, is trying, as any patriot would, to get Najib out of office and into prison as soon as possible to prevent even more damage to the national image and reputation.

As to the statement referred to by Najib that concerned an allegation that Inche Anwar had engaged in illegal actions of a kind that have long been de-criminalised in most civilized countries not locked into a 7th. century doctrine.

That this allegation, in any case, was false was later proved by a rigged trial of Inche Anwar. There Najib received the alleged victim in his own house just before the trial, briefed him on what to say in Court, removed the Judge who was due to try the case and paid his own personal lawyer RM9 million to replace the Crown prosecutor to ensure a guilty verdict.

Even with all that criminal manipulation the trial Court still acquitted Anwar and Najib was forced to make his tame lawyers appeal an acquittal (a procedure unheard of in any civilized Court system) and force through a conviction and an entirely improper jail sentence by misusing the appeal system.

How all this weighs on his conscience (assuming he has one) is for Najib to declare. What it also weighs on is the reputation of the Malaysian judicial system and it willingness to dance to the tune of its puppet master Prime Minister.

Finally, to go back to the question of historically old statements it has to be assumed that if Dr, Mahathir did in fact make a statement as alleged by Najib, he was presumably basing it on investigation reports coming to his official knowledge as PM. Not perhaps the best thing to have done, if indeed it was done, but nothing compared with the crimes committed by arch thief Najib against his own country and its people.

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