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Private Wealth

BN Assembly member Tajuddin is reported as having asked, in the Assembly, why its members’ wealth should be matter of public knowledge. Apparently he does not understand that voters wish to be represented by persons whom they know to be honest and mindful of public interests rather than their personal ones.  Observers of the BN ranks in  the last Assembly would have had a hard, if not impossible, task in making such determinations.  As Assemblyman Tajuddin should have no problem with recognising.

On the point he raises the short answer is to keep out of the Assembly those who seek entry to it to advance personal gain and accumulate unlawful wealth. Public knowledge of personal wealth is a useful barrier to crooks seeking to enter the Assembly; usually with the help of other crooks already there.

If he wishes to show an example to his constituents, and voters in general, he could usefully stop such complaining and make public all his personal assets. Such an example might even persuade some of his rich fellow Members to follow suit!

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