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Profits. What profits?

In a display of public lying well up to his own set standards Najib claimed, at a ceremony connected to pilgrimage, that “profits” from 1MDB amounting to RM57 million had been spent on funding pilgrimage costs.

Given that 1MDB is bankrupt and owes billions who believes that it made even one ringgit of profit that could be used, albeit for a purpose, however laudable, that is not in its remit. The only way in which this RM57 million could have been found is if Najib and his fellow criminals used funds looted from 1MDB for this expenditure.

He also announced that each of this year’s pilgrims would receive RM1000, plus clothes and free medical treatment; without specifically claiming that these costs also were to be met from 1MDB’s losses. All that expense has to be added to the money spent on the 5711 (Najib’s own figure) pilgrims so helped in past years. 1MDB again?

No one will dispute that those professing the Muslim faith have the obligation, within the bounds of possibility, to perform the Haj once in their lifetime. Few will dispute that helping them to fulfil this religious obligation is a worthy thing. It is precisely because of this that the Tabung Haji Fund was established.

However what about Tabung Haji’s accounts?. In arrears. Numerically doubtful and unaudited by impartial persons or bodies. A job here for the new, and accounting profession unqualified, Auditor General.

Will Najib order that to be done? State help is one thing, criminal misappropriation quite another. Has the Twitter King noticed this opportunity to show that he and his Force have some value; however little?

The whole event referred to above was in fact no more than an electioneering device by which arch thief Najib hopes that the Malay community will overlook his manifold crimes and give him their votes in GE14. They won’t.

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