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Relying On Apandi?

Queried on why no action has been taken by MACC against Taib Mahmud the MACC chief offered the excuse that Taib always left the Cabinet room when his crooked deals were being approved and that “therefore there is no evidence against him on which MACC could act!

More interestingly he went on to say that investigation papers had been submitted by MACC to the Attorney General who had ruled that there was no or insufficient evidence.

The Attorney General? Corkscrew Apandi,since sacked and replaced. Has the MACC re-submitted the papers to the new Attorney General? If not why not when all the world knows that Apandi was Najib’s creature who could even hold up in public documents proving he was lying through his teeth.

Clearly Taib has some high level protection somewhere but that person, or persons should remember that GE14 was fought on the anti-corruption issue as much as anything else and the electorate will not tolerate any cover ups in favour of corrupt BN politicians. If MACC wishes to protect its reputation for honest and thorough investigation into corruption of all kinds they must go back NOW to the AG for new instructions. If they do not PH voters will know why.

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