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Room For Reform

The IGP, who has shown commendable vigour in cleaning up the PDRM mess left by his predecessors, needs turn his attention to his Special Branch. Latest reports on alleged criminal activities, such as extortion, indicate that control and supervision within the Branch are lacking or inadequate.

Due to the important role played by the Special Branch during the Emergency and, later, during Confrontation, and to the obvious need for confidentiality surrounding its work it has acquired a cloak of secrecy; necessary operationally, but open to misuse; as in the recent cases.

That this malign aspect of its work was tolerated, at best, by previous IGPs, the most recent of whom was earlier in charge of it, is not to be doubted and it is to the credit of the present IGP that he appears ready to make necessary reforms.That can be done without adversely affecting the work of the Branch: and should be

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