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Security Offence?

The Najib dictatorship hits another bump in the road to totalitarian rule. It has abandoned its ludicrous attempt to imprison Maria Chin, Bersih leader, under its equally ludicrous Security Offences (Special Measure) law, when faced by an Habeas Corpus application.

In a way that climb down is significant in that even in the Malaysia of Najib dictatorship no judge or magistrate could be found wiling to refuse such an application. There is a shred of hope there though it remains the case that the appellate Courts are packed with Najib clones; as has so often been witnessed in the past.

More to the point is the question of what sort of diseased minds authorised the arrest in the first place? What kind of moronic thinking induced anyone to think they could get away with such an idiocy? Attorney General Apandi perhaps? He has shown publicly that no stupidity nor breach of ethics and the law is beyond him. But in reality only two persons could have thought this the effective action to take; Najib and his odious controller Rosmah Mansor. Apart from all questions of malice and ill will who else could be so stupid? Not even the running dog IGP Khalid.

No doubt remains that Malaysia is a dictatorship. This whole ludicrous incident proves that. More importantly what is to be done about it? Domestically it is down to the Malaysians themselves. There remains no doubt that Najib is a mega thief who has stolen billions of public funds and is clearly no longer in any way a proper person to be the head of the Malaysian government. So the Malaysians have to get rid of him.

But to do that they need help. As was the case with Hitler Najib has all the levers of power in his hands and was brought down in the end by outside intervention. No need for war and loss of life to remove Najib. Sanctions would do the trick in short order. Britain has substantial investments in Malaysia and so no interest whatever in a collapse of the Malaysian economy. Especially as this would soon recover if an intelligent and honest administration were in place. Think about it Mrs. May and Foreign Secretary Johnson.

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