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Silent Bullfrog

Aka the Speaker of the Malaysian parliament, by name Pandikar. Born in neglected Sabah where nothing much happens apart from incompetently controlled Suluk piracy and the usual total destruction of the primary jungle to the financial benefit of a handful of UMNO cronies, he seems to have studied something in London. At any rate he claims to have been at Lincoln’s Inn.

Whatever he learned there it obviously did not include any basic training in the democratic process of government since, after becoming a member of the upper chamber of the Malaysian parliament, he was duly appointed Speaker.

Unlike the Mother of Parliaments, where the Speaker is elected by the Members and neutral, in Malaysia he is a reliable toady used by the Prime Minister to control Parliamentary business.

It appears that once, dissatisfied with the toilet arrangements provided for the use of the Speaker, Pandikar threatened, aptly, to open the 1MDB can of worms to public view. That was enough to impel Prime Minister Najib to order the installation of superior facilities for Pandikar’s private moments. Apparently mollified by this, taxpayer funded, loo no further criticism of 1 MDB, or indeed any other UMNO government activity has passed his lips.

As proof of his complicity in the affair he has just “disallowed” a long list of Opposition questions put down for the new Session and all relating to the 1MDB mega thefts by his master, Najib. Not a bad return on the cost of a loo seat and gold taps.

Of course the whole situation with the Malaysian Parliament is a bad joke as well as a public outrage and the blatant disregard by Najib and his supporters of the Constitution an offence against democracy.

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