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Some of the richest.

Referring to successful business tycoons arch thief Najib, tycoon crook , said that these winners owed their success and wealth to “government policies”

Unfortunately he did not elaborate what he meant by that statement. Did he mean that such tycoons perceived opportunities and exploited them, gaining great wealth in the process, or did he mean that without government complicity no businessman could hope to accumulate a fortune?

In the real world the first is the correct answer. In Najb’s the second. It is a characteristic of criminals that they see the world only in the perspective of crime. To a Najib it is inconceivable that anyone can succeed without criminal activity. After all that is how he got rich and he tends to think that all other rich men went up the same ladder.

In that case, as head of the government, he should be pressing his new IGP to investigate Malaysia’s millionaires closely to determine how they got rich? Of course he would have to positively exclude himself from the scope of such an enquiry. As the exception that proves the rule?

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