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Special Plan

Speaking in India arch thief Najib Razak said that a special plan to ensure the advancement of Malaysia’s Indian community would soon be announced. Along, no doubt, with the date of the general election.

Malaysians of Indian origin will not be fooled by empty words of this kind. Long oppressed as a minority Malaysian Indians know full well that they are despised, ignored and or oppressed by the majority Malay community. It is true that a handful of Indian businessmen who have accumulated enough money to buy Malay politicians like Najib can obtain special treatment from BN but the ordinary Indian Malaysian faces discrimination and opprobrium at every turn.

They are not published but no doubt statistics exist showing how many Malaysian Indians have died, or been brutally beaten and tortured in police and other lock ups over the years since 1957. That is the real face of the Malay community towards the Indian one and nothing will change that until the gangster regime of arch thief Najib is thrown in the rubbish bin and replaced by a government conscious of and obedient to the rule of law and the principle of equality of all citizens before the law.

With BN that day will never come; which is another reason why Malaysian Indian voters should give their support to the Opposition at the coming general election.

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