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State Visit?

Mega criminal Najib Razak is busy touting a possible official visit to Malasyia by the King of Saudi Arabia.

It would be normal for the Saudi Monarch to visit countries where Islam is the state religion and where Islamist groups are pressing for the introduction of Sharia law. Normal, that is, where the proposed visit would be to a country where the rule of law applies as strictly as it does in Saudi Arabia itself.

But that is NOT the case in Malaysia where power is in the hands of a mega criminal who has been publicly proved to have robbed his own people to the tune of billions of dollars. The Koran does NOT condone theft. Indeed the prescribed Islamic punishment, applied in Saudi Arabia, is deprivation of a hand. To apply that in Malaysia might mitigate the rate at which Najib could steal pubic funds but would not be likely to stop him altogether. For that a more extreme punishment, also applied in Saudi Arabia, would be necessary.

Perhaps the advisers to His Saudi Majesty have not fully appreciated the actual position in Malaysia? They could correct that by studying the lengthy statement by the US Department of Justice, spelling out in detail the whole 1MDB mega scam in which Najib was the prime mover.

A person is known by whom he associates with and His Saudi Majesty will hardly want to be seen associating with international thieves, money launderers and, in some individual cases, worse. Time for reflection in Riyahd, And perhaps for a diplomatic illness?

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