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Subverting Parliamentary democracy?

The latest idiocy of the IGP is to form “a special team” to investigate what he claims, ludicrously, are attempts by a Malaysian news portal to subvert parliamentary democracy.

Apart from the obvious idiocy of this effort has it occurred to constable Khalid that if attempts to subvert democracy are occurring the most blatant of these are the work of his paymaster and puppet operator Najib Razak?

If he is unable to find the necessary evidence under his very nose it is certain that what remains of a free press in Bolehland can point him in the right direction. In any case he already knows where Najis can be found.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that Malaysia has fallen into the hands of a bunch of crooks whose most salient feature is the utter stupidity and ignorance they display daily.

If you want a lawyer burok you have only to turn to the Attorney General Apandi who is on photographic record holding up documents that prove Najib’s criminal guilt while declaring him innocent of everything. Except, perhaps, of breathing and the public can hardly wait for that too to stop.

If you want a policeman burok look to Khalid. If you want a murderer and a mega thief you do not need to be told where to look. Just go to Putrajaya. How much longer will ordinary decent Malaysian citizens go on looking the other way at the criminal conduct of their entire government? Until a Chinese Viceroy takes up his post in KL ?

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