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Talking Nonsense


It certainly won’t be the first time that this description has been applied to Najib’s cousin and unelected “senior vice president” of UMNO and it probably won’t be the last, judging by his public record.

But his statement that “Malaysian Armed Forces are ready to roll on Jerusalam” must be the near the top of his public idiocies. On roller skates? Or by non-submersible submarines or just by MAS to Tel Aviv?

Of course the Chiefs of the nation’s Armed Forces have no such ludicrous plans in mind. And to claim that they have is an insult to their professional capability and competence. So, this idiocy will be ignored.

What cannot be so easily ignored is that this statement was made by a Minister in the Malaysian government, and the Armed Forces Minister to boot. How can arch thief Najib retain such a buffoon in his Cabinet? Blood thicker than sense?

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