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The Scumbag Club

Developments in the 1MDB mega thefts involving billions of dollars stolen from the Malaysian taxpayers by mega thieves Najib Razak and Jho Low have now extended to New Zealand. A court in that country has allowed the Low family to eject trustees who declined to liquidate Low family trusts in favour of tax haven based ones who will do what they are told to do (for fees of course)

Behaviour of this kind has not in the past been expected from New Zealand, a country with a proud reputation for fearless defence of democracy and freedom costing innumerable New Zealand lives. Unfortunately that reputation is now being discarded with the passage of laws permitting tax evasion and money laundering of which the Cayman Islands and the BVI, both British dependencies, could be proud.

In reaching his decision the NZ judge even quoted a precedent from a Cayman Islands court! Presumably he could find no more respectable precedent to assist him! In a world increasingly sullied with vast scale financial crime, such as the 1MDB scandals, New Zealand has, it seems, decided to come down on the side of the criminals, and join the international scumbag club.

One more reputation won at the cost of the blood of many thousand Kiwis consigned to the dust heap by the unworthy inheritors of that reputation.

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